Zoran Gavric

Regulatory Toxicologist, The Regulatory Company, Netherlands

Zoran Gavrić is the founder and managing director of The Regulatory Company, a leading EU expert service provider in the field of Consumer Products Safety Assessments and Product Compliance.

Mr. Gavrić has a background in Bio-Pharmacy and Regulatory Toxicology. As a bio-pharmacist and risk assessor by training, he has consistently built up his expertise and broad experience in regulatory toxicology, health and safety policies and related legislation. He started his career as an employee of the government of The Netherlands working on diverse topics related to the development and implementation of health and safety legislation. He continued his career in the industry sector, working for some of the leading EU FMCG companies as safety and regulatory compliance manager.  Since 2008 he is fully dedicated to applied toxicology, risk assessments and regulatory compliance of consumer products in his current role as the managing director and one of the principal advisors of The Regulatory Company.

Mr. Gavrić is coordinator and lecturer of the Master Lecture Series “Regulatory Toxicology – Advanced Non-Animal Approaches for Chemical Safety Assessment” at the faculty of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Leiden University.

Mr. Gavrić is a member of several professional associations: the Dutch Toxicology Society (NVT), the European Society for Toxicology in Vitro (ESTIV), the European Responsible Persons Association (ERPA), UK Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA)