Matteo Zanotti Russo

CEO, Angel Consulting, Italy

Chemist and Cosmetologist, owner and founder of Angel Consulting-Milano, Safety Assessor himself, he leads a team of 12 Safety Assessors in his company. Angel Consulting participated to EU funded projects: Superflex, Pepticaps and Life-Vermeer. Now it is partner of ASINA and EcoeFISHent projects, intended to develop new “Safe by design” models for novel nanomaterials and purification of cosmetic ingredients from marine wastes. Their activity is focused on international Regulatory compliance as well as they are involved in several research projects where companies and research centers are involved. Co-author of Harry’s Cosmetology, he wrote the chapter concerning EU and US regulations, and he is in charge for updating the topic. Angel Consulting is partner of the Italian Cosmetic Companies Association (Cosmetica Italia), in charge for consultancy, training and safety assessments since more than 15 years. He takes lessons of cosmetology and safety assessment at the Universities of: Siena, Genoa, Rome-Tor Vergata, Tel Aviv.