Gergana Andreeva

Executive Director, Bulgarian National Association Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics, Bulgaria

Gergana Andreeva holds Master degree in International trade, Business administration and Geo Ecology and natural sciences. She is part of BNAEOPC from the beginning (almost 24 years now), going through all the steps of development, as Head of international events, General Secretary and Executive Director. Has been participated as key experts in all key projects of BNAEOPC with GTZ, SES, Pfeiffer Consulting (K GMP and GLP, and GAP as well) and more. She had been participated in the preparation and implementation of numerous projects at the national level in the field of personnel development in the sector, increasing the competences of employees in the enterprises of the branch, digitalization and innovations of key professions in the branch, implementation of new standards in production and increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and their positioning into new markets.

As Executive Director of BNAEOPC Mrs. Gergana Andreeva represents BNAEOPC before state and municipal bodies, public organizations and other individuals and legal entities in the country and abroad, together and separately with the chairman of the BNAEOPC Board.

Performs operational ongoing management of BNAEOPC and organizes the implementation of the decisions of the Board and GA of BNAEOPC.

Proposes to the Board projects for work programs of BNAEOPC based on its objectives, as well as a project for the organizational structure and staffing of BNAEOPC.

Appoints and dismisses BNAEOPC employees and determines the internal rules for their work.

Represents BNAEOPC in the work of the COSMETICS Europe, IFRA, EFEO, organizes and conducts joint activities.