Andrea Maltagliati

Secretary General, EFfCI – The European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients, Belgium

50 years old, brilliant communicator, eclectic, leader and team builder, has a technical background. A chemistry graduate from the University of Milan, he entered the cosmetics market more than 20 years ago.

He has gained experience from SMEs to multinationals, holding different roles in companies, from R&D lab to technical director, from sales manager to Business Development and Market Manager. He has gained experience both in the local/EU area and in the world market.

He has acquired knowledge of many classes of ingredients, just to name a few: emulsifiers, functional, surfactants, active…

The international experience he has accumulated over the years and the positioning of companies/ingredients in the world market has allowed him to sit at important discussion tables such as the International Association and EFfCI WGs.

He is currently Secretary General of EFfCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients), which manages and coordinates activities related to the needs of the EU ingredient industry, coordinates 8 WGs, defends the activity of the industry and represents it in all global institutional fora and in front of all stakeholders.